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Pet Sitting

Our service provides your dogs, cats or other pets the care they need while you're away - right in their own home. We will feed and water your pet; exercise it; administer medicine, vitamins or other special care (shots, pills or drops) as needed and give it lots of love and playtime. We will also look after your home, giving it that "lived-in" look by bringing in mail and newspapers, adjusting lights and blinds and watering plants. You can return home at any hour of the day or night to find your home and happy pet eagerly awaiting your return.

There are many advantages to using a professional pet sitter:

  • Your pet remains in their familiar, secure environment

  • Your pet follows his customary diet and exercise routine

  • Your pet is NOT exposed to illnesses from other animals (as in a kennel)

  • Your pet receives love and personal attention while you're away

  • You are not inconvenienced by transporting your pet to & from a kennel (at their convenience!)

  • You do not have to impose on a friend, relative or neighbor

  • Your home is looked after with crime-deterrent services

  • And, best of all, you can leave home worry-free, knowing your pet and home are in good hands.

What Happens on a Visit?

When you are gone, many things have to be done on a daily basis to make certain your pets are safe, secure, comfortable and happy.  We go through a 20 point checklist every time we visit with your pets.

  • Bringing in the mail & newspaper

  • Giving each pet clean, fresh water

  • Giving each pet the proper amount of food

  • Making sure each pet eats their food

  • Checking on the welfare of shy or reclusive pets

  • Giving treats (if they are allowed)

  • Cleaning up any “accidents” or messes that may occur

  • Watering plants

  • Having play time with each pet

  • Cleaning the litter box

  • Maintaining a comfort level in the home

  • Monitoring the condition of the home

  • Ensuring the house fence perimeter is secure

  • Changing the lighting arrangement

  • Making sure pets are in their proper place

  • Making notes for the owners

  • Administering medication if needed

  • Checking each pets condition

  • Re-locking the house

  • Disarming & Arming your security system

At each visit, we will leave a detailed note as to that visit's events and happenings so you have a complete record of our time spent with your pet.  Upon your return, you will find a card requesting you to call or text us upon arriving home (regardless of the time).  This insures, that should you be delayed for any reason, we will continue to make visits until we hear from you - so your pet will always be taken care of.

You are always welcome to check in (text is optimal for this) while you are away to find out how the visits are going and how your pet is doing.  We know lots of Mom's and Dad's appreciate this!

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