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Lazy Brown Dog

We all hate leaving our pets when we’re out of town. Staying in a kennel can be nerve wracking for most pets, and pet parents! One way to make sure they are as comfortable as possible is to book CPC to care for your pets, in the comfort of your OWN home!

We most commonly see overnights for dogs, but your cats appreciate them as well! If your pets are used to company in the evenings, our overnight pet sitting may be the fit for you!

We will have one of our highly-trained (background checked) sitters stay the night and take care of feeding your pet, potty breaks, snuggles and exercise.

Traditionally sitters arrive in the early evening and will play or walk your pet – whichever is the norm for your pet. We will feed, water and let your pet out to potty before play time and relaxation. We will finish out the night with one more potty break, and a night time picture before bed.

Morning time consists of another walk, playtime and feeding as well as other pet/house chores.

Your pet will be happy to stay in their comfortable, familiar home, and you can relax knowing they are taken care of. 


* The sitter can sleep wherever you are comfortable, but we usually suggest they sleep in the room your animals are used to sleeping in. If you have a cat or dog that has a specific routine, we suggest sticking with the normal bedroom.

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